Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a type of life insurance policy that:

  • Can build significant  cash value
  • Has cash value that gets credited interest & grows based on changes in a market index like the S&P 500®
  • If the index goes down your account (cash value) can never decrease → it can only go up
  • Has flexible payments → within plan guidelines (maximum & minimum), pay in whatever you want each month
  • If you die prematurely your loved ones get a significant death benefit
  • And all that’s not the best part…..If you don’t die prematurely…

You can use the cash value while you are still alive for whatever purpose you want & do it Income Tax Free!  You can effectively create a Tax Free Retirement with Indexed Universal Life!

You access the money as a policy loan to be repaid from the eventual death benefit.  Since it is a policy loan, not income, you never pay income taxes on the gains*

You control how much money you want to access when you want to access it & what to do with it.  You don’t have to decide all of that when you set up the plan. You have an incredible amount of flexibility.

What are you doing now? Does your current insurance plan do all of this? Does your current retirement savings plan (or children’s college savings plan)  offer you all this?

This type of life insurance is called “Indexed Universal Life” or an “IUL.”

Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a whole lot more exciting when you can use it while you’re ALIVE!

Check out the sections inside that explain what an IUL is, how it works & how some people are currently using it. Really it’s the basics on IULs.  It should help you understand the mechanics that make up the stunning IUL chassis.

 *Internal Revenue Code §101 (a)(1) Generally the Internal Revenue Code has ruled death benefits from life insurance are not taxable as income. Certain limited exceptions exist.<