A Passion for Entrepreneurs

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One of the real joys I get in my practice is meeting and working with entrepreneurs.

I caught the entrepreneurship bug early in life.  My first business partner was my brother, Joe.  We started All Star Baseball Cards together as kids in Oxford, Ohio.  Ah, the 1980s…some of you probably remember the sports memorabilia market at its peak.  I grew that business thru my high school and college years, paying for a portion of my living expenses while I was getting my education.  At Procter & Gamble one of my roles in our FutureWorks/New Business Development group involved finding and nurturing partnerships with small business owners and later my consulting company worked with a number of startups or entrepreneurial firms.

When I partnered with Fran Tarkenton and Tarkenton Financial one of the things that attracted me to Fran was his entrepreneurial experience starting 20 different businesses since he took off his shoulder pads.  Fran’s passion for small business and entrepreneurship is very evident in one of his other ventures, Go Small Biz, an organization that serves nearly 50,000 paid member businesses across the United States.

Now, with DaveLife, that’s really what I am….a small business owner….just like many of you.  Like you I have many dreams and aspirations that I hope to achieve through my business. I also share many of the same challenges you do and can empathize with much of what you go through in a way only a fellow small business owner can.

Friends, make no mistake about it: we are driving America.  There are over 28 million small businesses in the United States accounting for over 50% of the workforce. Small businesses have accounted for 65% of all net new jobs since 1995. More fun facts

For many small businesses Life Insurance can play a key role in protecting the business, its owners, their families and employees in the case of the death or major illness of an owner or key employee.  It can also be a way of funding a retirement or attracting, rewarding and retaining key employees (including you the owner!).  In many cases vehicles like Indexed Universal Life Insurance offer a great deal of the funding flexibility that small business owners require.

I’d be happy to review your situation with you and see if there is an opportunity to better leverage Life Insurance, and its tax-advantaged status, in your business planning.

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