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I get it! I’m a consumer, too. You are interested in a product so you go to a website or if you don’t know what website to go to you Google it…whatever “it” happens to be. Then you want to get some idea what it will cost…

Well if that “it” happens to be most things in the world of financial services, particularly life insurance it’s pretty tough to figure out what something is going to cost without a whole bunch of gamesmanship, B.S., misdirection and confusion.

These sites promise you a quote…if and only if you provide them your name, phone number, address, date of birth, health & lifestyle information…they may even ask your income.  So you do it.  You think, “Cool as soon as I hit submit I’ll get my quotes…”


Instead what happens? Somehow within minutes every Tom, Dick & Harry with an insurance license is calling you at all hours…most of them from some call center in Idaho….You’re ready to change your phone number.  This goes on for weeks or more.

In case you haven’t figured out what’s going on, there is a multi-billion dollar industry in financial services alone built around gathering prospect information (“Leads”) and selling them to financial professionals like me.  If they just told you what it was going to cost they wouldn’t be able to sell your information for as much.

A Better Way

So you vow never to do it again.  But you’d really like to know what a policy would cost.  I got a solution for you.  Put your non-specific information in the little instant quote engine below & in one click get a screen with a bunch of quotes from the world best carriers at the best rates around.  No need for your contact info.  Of course if you want my help I’m happy to assist you…

No Contact Info Instant Quotes

Why am I able to do this? I’m proud of what I can deliver…take a look

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