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No Nonsense, No Games, No B.S., Instant & Anonymous Term Life Quotes

Have you ever filled out a form looking for a “fast, free quote” only to be told you’re required to disclose your contact information first? Then instead of a quote you get bombarded by phone calls for the next month (most of them from callers that couldn’t find Georgia on a map) just wanting to “follow up” on your request for a quote? The Insurance “Lead” Business is a multi-billion dollar industry. There’s no magic to giving a simple term life quote…but if they didn’t get your contact information they couldn’t sell it for big bucks to agents.

Here’s our deal: You put in your non-personally identifiable info (age, gender, smoking status, rate class, face amount & term length, etc.) and get instant quotes from multiple top-rated carriers with one click right on this website.  There’s no need to provide any personal information unless you decide you want to.

We’re proud of the carriers we work with & want to show you what they can do.  Take a look at the numbers. If you want to talk, call us or fill out the form. Is Term Life Right For You?

One caveat: you’ve probably heard the expression “garbage in, garbage out?”  In the absence of understanding what they mean, these quotes are just numbers. You need to be realistic about what you’ll qualify for medically. Nearly all of the most competitive rates involve full medical underwriting*.  Many of our carriers also offer fairly-priced “substandard” or “rated” policies for those that do not qualify at standard or better.  On the other hand, many carriers have loosened what qualifies as standard or even preferred, particularly if chronic conditions are well-controlled or time has elapsed since a major medical event.  You might qualify for a better class than you though you would. Carrier guidelines vary and they define rating classes differently. Net, although you don’t have to contact us (since you have the numbers) part of the value-add a good agent provides is sorting through options and finding you solutions.  We can help you find the underwriting “sweet spots.”

Disclaimers: All quote data is provided by a 3rd Party & is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.  We are not responsible for any inaccuracies.  This is not an offer of insurance.  Insurance coverage can only be offered by a carrier after completing an application underwriting. See Meeting With an Agent

*Full Medical Underwriting typically involves a mini-physical including blood tests.  There are also easy application, quick issue, no-medical exam products you can obtain without a physical up to $250,000 in death benefit (varies by age).  You decide what’s right for you.